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The founder of the Institute  Dr. H.H Shri Shivbasava Swamiji of Rudrakshimath, Belgaum was one of the great souls of the 20th century. He was the 7th Peetadipathi of his Math. His name is synonymous with the all round development, imbibed with religious and cultural harmony. The great Swamiji was not only a sage of great vision and spiritual fervor but equally a staunch promoter of values and ideals of high order. He has dedicated his life to the cause of pious service to the mankind in general and lingayat community in particular , by establishing 23 monumental institutions for the benefit of the people particularly for the weaker section of the society. Hw was a Pioneer in starting Prasad-Nilaya in North Karnataka. His generosity, kindness and concern for others particularly women are well known.

It is gratifying that Swamiji was awarded the Honorary D.Litt from Karnataka University Dharar in 1989, in full recognition of Swamijis saintly multifaceted, spiritual, religious, social, educational and cultural services. He lived a long & fruitful life of 105 years and he hence  popularly known as 'Shatayushi'.